Best websites to learn coding in 2019 for free

You want to learn coding right, but don’t want to waste money on regular classes. Why waste money when we have lots of free option available on the Internet.
So in this article I will share those websites names which I personally found useful. Benefit of online learning is you can save your up and down time and if you don’t find a website useful you can simply switch to another. Some websites also save your daily progress and you can continue your class from next day.

These are the websites which are helpful for beginners and coders.
If you are not familiar with coding, your first choice should be because its teaching style is very unique among all the free websites. To use this website first you need to create a free account. It shows three main tabs on screen for definition and task, input and output. Here you can learn basics of any language few days. It also provides quick revision option for its pro users.
w3schools is also a great option for beginners, you can access this website courses without sign up. The advantage of this website is that you can easily access to function you want to know about and the disadvantage is that you can’t save your progress on it.
The main thing I like this website is that it provide you audio option, which can tell about the page if you hate reading. It tells you like a teacher feels like you are in the class.
If you became familiar with coding then your next choice should be It has 1409 challenges, 30 projects and 6 certificates for you. This
is my favorite website among these all. Another interesting thing about this website is that it has its chat room on
Where many expert remain online, they help you to solve your problem. This website act like booster for your skills.
You have increased your coding skill then your next platform should be codepen here you can show the world your knowledge. On it you can see various projects
developed by the coders wand how much they are liked and viewed by the people. From there you can also use their work in your projects on another platform but
condition is that you need to include their free license.
This website is almost similar to Quora but the major difference is that it is for developers question. Here you can ask the question, and they are answered
by the expert and if you know any problem solution you can also give the answer. This website is very useful when you got stucked at a point and did not got your
answer anywhere.

Note: If you don’t want learn difficult languages like js, php at least learn html and css, that will help you in basic modification of WordPress, Blogger theme.

So guys these are the best free website created learn programming, you will definitely find them useful. There are also many paid website available for learning coding with extra features you can go for them if have budget. Have any suggestion for this post feel free to comment.

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