How to make website pages load faster, best ways

In this competitive era of Internet everybody wants to serve their page faster for the user. If you are unable to serve page faster than your competitors then you are going to loose the competition. So here I am sharing some basic techniques like compression, minification and other ways to increase your web page speed.

Compression, Minification and other ways to increase your website.

File Compression

Reduction in the size of file to save loading time and space is generally known as the compression. In simple words compression is technique to make your file size smaller. The motive of compression is serve files faster.
Image compression:
There are two commonly used method for image compression, those are:
1 Lossy compression.
2 Lossless compression.
Lossy Compression:
It can change the output of your data because in this type of compression duplicate information is completely removed. Lossy compression can effect your data negatively. When we use this method, it will lose data of picture. It completely depend on you much data you want to lose, in software if you apply high compression for reducing its more size then more data will be lost from the image. Thus sometimes it leads to form poorer quality of image.
Lossless compression:
After applying lossless compression the image formed in similar to the real image. This compression leads no loss in quality of image. This type of compression reduces the size of image by changing the way in which the data is stored. However it makes no change in the picture and it also make processing of your image faster by reducing it size.


Removing the white space from you code files in generally known as the minification. White space is meaningless to the browser, it leads to slow loading of your website due to bigger size of code files. White space only useful for human understanding, but that is headache for browser and server. If you want your website loads faster then minify your website .css and .js file. Below in picture you can see the difference between minified and simple version of file.If you want to minify your file simply search on Google lots of minifier are available, free of cost. Simply paste the code to compress on those websites.

Place .js file in bottom:

You can increase your website speed by placing your javascript and jquery files in the footer section, because there is no need to process them before your website data is processed. But remember to add your script codes after the jquery files otherwise your script code will not work if you include them before


CDN generally store cached version of your website in different locations. If your website has traffic from different countries than you can use Content Delivery Network. Because they have different servers for different countries. CDN increases your website loading speed because data is served from the nearest center.

.htaccess file

In this file you have to write some codes, via them you can increase your website load speed. I can’t copy those code here due to copyright please search on Google about .htaccess file codes, are really effective. It allow to enable things like gzip compression.

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