A morning walk essay: important essay asked in exams

morning walk essay

Morning Walk Essay : 1

A morning walk is very good for health. It is a light exercise. It is equally good for both young and the old. It refreshes our minds and makes us smart. I take my morning walk regularly. I get up at 5 a.m. and go out for a walk. My friend Ajay also goes with me. We often go to the canal. The time is very pleasant. We enjoy the beauties of nature on the way. We have deep breaths in the cool air. It gives us a fund of energy. We have a stroll on the grassy lawns. Dew drops on green grass look like pearls. Flowers laugh and leaves dance. Birds fly  high up in the sky. Their songs add to the beauty of nature. We walk along the canal for half an hour. We have a cold bath. The waves and the running water produce a sweet music. We feel happy and gay. By this time the sun appears in the sky. We then return home. We feel fresh for the rest of the day. I can miss a meal, but I cannot afford to miss my morning walk.

Morning Walk Essay : 2

A morning walk is the minimum exercise for youngsters while it is perhaps the maximum exercise for old people. A morning walk does not simply exercise the limbs, it stimulates the whole body and mind and make a person active for the rest of the day. The Fresh morning air with pleasant odours drawn from nature can work wonder’s to any body’s health. It is generally at these morning  rounds that people come across individuals with similar tastes. I am very fond of morning walk. I get up at 5 o’clock and go to the river side. It has become a habit with me. I always go alone. My thoughts are my best companions. I enjoy my walk fully well. The chirping  of the birds is cheering. The air is full of sweet fragrance. The greenery of the fields is cooling to the eyes. Natural sights and sounds  raise my spirits. And when I reach home after an hour, I feel active and fresh for the day’s work.

Morning Walk Essay : 3 For Kids

Morning walk is a useful exercise. It keeps us fit and fresh for the whole day. I go for a morning walk daily. I get up early. I leave the canal before sunrise. The scene is beautiful. The birds are chirping on the trees. The farmers are working in the  fields. A cool breeze is blowing. I walk on the green grass. Soon the sun rises. The dewdrops begin to shine on the green grass. They look like pearls. I enjoy myself in the open fields. I reach the canal and have a bath. The sun gets warm.  I come back home. I pass the whole day happily.

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