Best Notepad++ tips and tricks for programmers

Notepad++ is the simplest text editor available for the programmers. It is very easy to use due to its simple interface, and it occupy very less space in your computer as compare to other text editors. Here I am sharing the best tricks for the notepad++ hope you find it useful. These are the best tricks read here:

Add new word in starting of every line.
You can edit new word in every line beginning for doing this press ctrl+H. Then in replace section fill ^ symbol in find what and fill the desired text in the replace with box. After that select the Regular expression radio button given below and hit Replace All button.

Add new word in ending of every line.
You can also edit text in ending of each line, procedure is similar to the above step. The only difference is that you need to use $ symbol at the place of ^ symbol. You can also replace any word from page, simply edit the text you want to replace in find what and fill the text want to appear that place in replace with.
Tip: While adding text in the replace with section make sure to add a space before the text, otherwise your text will be attached to the existing text.

Auto close HTML tags
You know, you can auto close the html tags in .html file. For doing this click on the Settings_Preferences_Auto-Completion and mark tick on the html/xml close tag. Currently in 2018 this method works only if your file have .html extension it can not work if your file have .php extension. You can change your file extension for this while editing.

Tree view
If you are working on a project, then definitely it contains many files. It becomes hard to open that folder via file manager to opening those file again and again. Notepad++ give us a feature called Open Folder As Workspace, it is quite easy to find that function simply click on File and there you will get fifth option open folder as workspace. Click on it and open the folder from disk via it.

Select in shape of Box 
Notepad++ allow us to select a portion in the form of box you may select any portion on the page. For doing this hold Alt and simply select as usual. You can also select a single line vertically by this method.

Adding Numbering To lines
Suppose you have many lines on your page and you want to add numbering to them, in simple way it will take too much time. But notepad++ can do it in few seconds. For adding number to lines simply select a line vertically for a word (discussed above). After that click on Edit > Column Editor, Select Number to insert button, fill the boxes Initial number and Increase by with 1 and 1 , click OK.

So guys these are the most important tricks of the Notepad++, if you know any hidden trick about Notepad++, feel free to share your trick in the comment section.

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