SSC Tier-2 paragraph writing skill development tricks

A paragraph means a group of sentences which develop a single thought or single distinct aspect of subject. It is “an essay miniature” or essay on a small scale. Like the sentence, the paragraph should embody one main idea i.e. it should possess unity. It must have a group of sentences logically arranged, undefined by a sense of purpose. It must, therefore, contain nothing irrelevant, and must concentrate on the development of a single no theme or main division of a subject.
 The length and structure of a paragraph will naturally vary according to the purpose of the writer. A single long paragraph may be impressive by its own weight and  dignity, but it should not be used often enough to tire the reader. A paragraph should be short but not too short, because it produces a jerky and disconnected  effect. A long paragraph makes heavy reading and causes a mental strain. It is proper to make a paragraph of moderate length.

The structure of a paragraph is similar to that of a sentence. A good readable paragraph in simple idiomatic

English has four essentials or characteristics. They are:

1) Unity of thought
2) Coherence
3) Emphasis
4) Length

Students should take a careful note of the following suggestions in writing a paragraph:-

  1. Select one of the various aspects of the subject you have chosen and concentrate on that one aspect.
  2. Let there be a logical and organic development of the aspect. each sentence should flow naturally from the preceding one.
  3. The beginning should be striking and gripping. It should, while tersely and lucidly expressing the main idea or theme, arouse the reader interest. Besides,  paragraph should end with an important sentence.
  4. In order to impart clarity and meaning to the paragraph, let the sentences be short and simple, composed of only such words as you know the meaning of.
  5. Since unity implies a sustained purpose, there is no room for digression, repetition or irrelevancies.
  6. When argument is developed in a paragraph, sentence should be so arranged as to lead to the climax towards the end.
  7. You must never forget that the first that the first aim of writing is to present your idea clearly and concisely. This is the secret of all good writing. In a paragraph, you have to be simple and straight. Simple and crisp sentences will convey your meaning better. Choose the word that are widely known. This seems such a simple rule that it is surprising how often it is broken.

So if want to clear SSC tier -2 you need to follow these steps for developing your writing skills.

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