Top 6 internet browsers people are using globally

A browser is a software developed by the programmers to access the information present on www. This information can be anything: video, images, text etc. In this era many browsers are coming and going day by day. Some are still holding the position on the top. Millions of searches are performed daily on Google via browser. And every person prefer different browser, because it is the matter of choice. Different people are aspired by different browser because of the interface and functionality of the browsers. So in this article we will know top 6 internet browsers widely used in the world.

1. Chrome:

Chrome is top on the list with its huge user base, it is the product of Google. Chrome is the fastest web browser on window, but it is little bit slow on android. The another reason chrome is used by millions of people is that it provides too much extensions on its store. It is the most secure web browser, it does not allow automatically download harmful viruses. 63.16% of the internet users in the world uses Google chrome. This browser can sync your data in multiple devices.

2. Safari:

The launch time and page loading time on this browser is really fast. But you can not customize it as other browsers and it is not available for window devices but available for android devices. The reason that this browser is on number 2nd is that is designed for iOS devices. It is a good choice for Apple users. It can sync your data on all the iOS devices. This browser is used by around 15.37% internet users in the worldwide.

3. Mozilla Firefox:

This is my favorite web browser because it is very simple and also fast. This browser is also very good for blocking phising and virus attacks. While downloading the huge files, if your downloads gets interrupted then you can resume the download. In 2019 around 5.09% of the internet users uses it globally.

4. Samsung Internet:

This browser comes pre-installed in all the samsung devices, it is only available for android devices. It also supports extensions, this browser comes with more uncommon features. This browser also has a feature of reading mode, which blocks ads and other media while reading the articles for giving you better reading experience. In this time 3.17% of the internet users are using this browser.

5. UC browser:

This browser is specially loved by the android users on the mobile devices. This is the product of Chinese leading company Alibaba Group. The browsing and downloading speed of this browser is really high. It comes with activated ad-blocker but it shows you its own advertisements, it is the most customizable browser for android devices. 3.07% of the internet users are enjoying UC browser.

6.Internet Exploler:

The reason people are using Internet exploler is that it is a secure web browser. It comes pre-installed in window system, this browser is really slow as compared to other browser. It takes longer to load full website and also to navigate, Microsoft does not releasing its updates because they are now focusing on Microsoft edge. Nearly 2.58% of the internet user are using this browser in 2019.


So these are top 6 intenert browsers people are using globally.  Google chrome still leading , no browser is near to it. Google is updating  it day by day, that’s the reason it is users favorite choice. It has captured more than the half market.

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