Top free websites and extensions for bloggers

In this article I will share my favorite websites and extensions, these are going to be very helpful if you are a blogger. So lets get started:

This website has many tools for the writers, the one I like most on this is Plagiarism Checker. It is best free tool available for checking plagiarism in content. I think you should visit on this website once for checking their tools all are free of cost

2 Block Yourself From Analytics
As a blogger it is very important to get correct analytics of your website. This extension allow you to block google analytics code of website. So no more false analytics.

This website is very helpful in analysing your website, it simply rate your website according to your page speed and tell your website faults that are slowing down your website. By focusing on those points you can improve the speed of your website.

4 Keywords everywhere extension
This is the most popular extension among bloggers, it is generally helpful for knowing the amount of monthly searches and it also shows the CPC for the keywords.

5 Mangools seo extension
This extension shows your website: Domain Authority, Page Authority, Back-links and many more. They also shows the Alexa rank of your website.

As the name suggesting it is used to calculate the words of your article, because we know article around 1500+ words ranks better on Google it is not possible to count words without tools. So this website is the best option.

This website is extremely useful when you you want to check your on page SEO its something like YOAST plug-in. You can check your website SEO report on it. Its extension is also available.

8 WP-Scan extension
It is very helpful extension tell you every word-press theme name and also shows its plug-in names. Simply visit the website you want to know that name and click the extension it will tell you theme and installed plug-in name with their price.

9 Fair Ad-blocker Extension
Fair ad blocker block advertisement on the page because we visit our site we don’t want to see our website advt. for adsense safety. Fair ad-blocker also shows all type of data blocked by it. It has very good rating on the chrome store.

10 Poper blocker
This extension is very useful when you visit website like SEMRUSH, when you visit website like SEMRUSH they ask you login your detail via overlay. This extension generally block that type of overlays.

11 ColorZilla Extension
This extension let you know the color of any website, click the extension and click again the portion whose color you want to know. It is useful when you are looking for setting new colors to website.

Want to compress images for your website then you should check this website, it provide many features for compressing image according to your need. It also gives a option how much quality you want to compress of your image.

So guys these are best free extension and website available for bloggers, I think you should try them all after they are best and free of cost. If you know another best free website or extension please let us know in comments.

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